Sales volume exceeded 250 million.
Established international business department and begun to set overseas market layout.
Established the partner system and carried out the employee stock ownership plan.


Undertook the first overseas cleaning project
The headquarters of the company moved to the 7th floor of Xinxing Xinghai center
Put forward the company development plan of "Three steps forward in five years"
Developed the ERP system of the company and established its information management procedure.
Put forward the development target of being a controlled environment system integrator with the strongest delivery capability and leading technology in China


Proposed the standardized construction management procedures in the industry firstly.
Established automatic control system accessories plants, and gradually expanded the industrial layout for the company.
Determined the strategic development directions of the company as standardization, process, intelligent.


Sales volume exceeded 100 million.
The overall brand VI image of the company was upgraded.
Developed the first generation of color steel plate installation manipulator.
Started the young talent cultivation scheme and established the talent training mechanism for the company.


The company was approved to be a national high-tech enterprise
BIM technology was applied into the whole life cycle of purification project for the first time.
A number of utility model technology patents were obtained, and based on this to establish a normalization mechanism of independent innovation.


Put forward the development concept of "work well, and will get work”
Established strategic cooperative relationship with Inner Mongolia Yili Group and undertook its workshop purification project.
Clarified company development strategy and targeted the customers in the two directions of food and pharmaceutical fields.


Put forward development vision of the company as "creating a clean world".
Tried to apply the 3D modeling technology into engineering practice, which laid the foundation for the overall BIM Technology development of the company .


Won the bid and undertook the Hisense project, which further promoted the brand awareness and market influence for TekMax
Put forward the corporate core values of "sincere and faithful, outspoken after consideration, high responsibility and perseverance".


Undertook the biological cleaning project for the first time and expanded the business scope to the food industry.
Put forward the development concept of "to be a link in the supply chain for the Fortune 500".


Begun to take part in the construction of large-scale, high-level purification plants.
Undertook Qingdao Haier project and entered the industrial cleaning field
Undertook the first brand customer among Fortune 500.


Initially established company management system.
Passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system.
Built up the embryonic form of corporate culture as "one team with one life for one thing".


Dalian TekMax was founded.
Undertook the first cleaning project.
Determined the main business direction of the company was the cleaning room engineering field.


Constantly create value for customers,

and try to become a controlled environment system integrator with the

strongest delivery ability and leading technology in China

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