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2005 The company was founded in
The accumulated construction area
The number of professional construction personnel

Dalian TekMax Technology Co., Ltd

Our company is focusing on the control design of indoor micro-environment and the construction of the purification project involving the industry such as sophisticated electronics. Meanwhile, our company has got a strong professional design and construction capacity of purification project.

BIM visual modeling

The company adopts BIM building information modeling to assemble the engineering information, process and resources of the projects in different stages.

Standardized construction management

The company has a complete construction organization procedure system and standardized construction management system. Through management and control of performance,

Automatic control system

Cleaning workshop room needs to maintain a environment of constant temperature and humidity and step pressure production, which needs a set of matching electrical automatic control system.

ERP information management

The company customized and developed the ERP corporate information management system to manage the whole process of all the projects of the company

R & D and innovation of the core technology

The company has been devoted to the R & D and innovation of technology, and it has a number of core technology patents.



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