TekMax Technology Company introduced “Six Sigma “ as our company training

In order to improve the quality of management standards and operational processes of our company, we introduced the technique of "Six Sigma" quality management system. Our company started a ten-day systematic training of Six Sigma project from April 2017, a total of four trainings. The teacher taught us the origin, the development, the idea, as well as the management method, the team management, the choice, the business process of Six Sigma through logic teaching and rich examples. This training is still ongoing now.

With in-depth study, we had a better understanding of Six Sigma, and applied to different departments of our company. In the future the Six Sigma seeks to improve the business process and systematization, build a culture of continuous improvement, improve the company management, as well as save the operation cost, improve service. The Six Sigma will play its due role in improving core competence of our company finally.


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