Project performance

BIM visual modeling

The company adopts BIM building information modeling to assemble the engineering information, process and resources of the projects in different stages. In the initial stage of construction, the three-dimensional model of the whole cleaning room of workshop will be constructed to make the engineering design, construction and management integrated and digitized through simulating the Architectural Visualization. Taking advantages of BIM model to promote the design quality, avoid design errors, obtain and analyze the engineering quantity cost data, provide technical support for the whole process of construction, and conduct visual management for the construction progress. All sections work together to improve the efficiency, reduce the engineering production cost, and ensure the project to be done on time with high quality, safety, efficiency and low cost.

Standardized construction management

The company has a complete construction organization procedure system and standardized construction management system. Through management and control of performance, 6S on-site management and standardized management, definite post responsibilities, and controlling all engineering links。The company enhances inspection and assessment to meet the customer needs. There are a batch of excellent project management personnel in the company with advanced professional technology and rich construction experience. Each project is equipped with complete construction scheme, quality targets, refined construction process and constant pursuit of excellence. The company also has a batch of construction teams with rich experience, who will carry out professional management and construction strictly according to the specification standard, so as to satisfy customer quality requirements to the most extent, and ensure the quality of each link in the project is controllable with advanced construction machinery and precision inspection equipment. To carry out the construction strictly according to the requirements of objective management, process management and integrated management, and the quality safety risk control system is also established to ensure the quality, progress and safety of the project, providing all-round solutions for the customers.

Automatic control system

Cleaning workshop room needs to maintain a environment of constant temperature and humidity and step pressure production, which needs a set of matching electrical automatic control system. Our company is specialized in providing full cycle services like purification air conditioning automatic control system, cleaning workshop environment monitoring system, energy management system, etc. for biopharmaceutical and food industries. We also provide complete automatic control design scheme in line with FDA, EMA, specifications and technology requirements of China GMP to customers, as well as provide customers with the service of automatic control system design, procurement, installation, testing, operation, maintenance, upgrading and training.

ERP information management

The company customized and developed the ERP corporate information management system to manage the whole process of all the projects of the company, which effectively helps the company establish diversified demanding plans, integrates and optimizes the management of offline projects, and realizes the visual control of the whole process of online projects. It also unifies the platform coverage, realizes the integration of business, project, procurement and financial process, promotes the improvement of management closed loop, so as to realize the accurate system control of the operation in the company.

The fourth generation full-automatic color board installation robot

R & D and innovation of the core technology

The company has been devoted to the R & D and innovation of technology, and it has a number of core technology patents. We independently designed and developed the first full-automatic color board installation robot in our country, which has been upgraded to the fourth generation. It can carry out rapid installation, transportation and maintenance to the cleaning color steel plate. Compared with the existing manual installation method of the color steel plate, color steel plate installation manipulator has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, saving labor cost, reducing the rental cost of traditional scaffold lift truck, which has improved the construction efficiency by over three times, and got rid of the relying on the objective factors like manual skills to the most extent.


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