Improve management, and create team sprit

Improve management, and create team sprit

TekMax organized staffs to learn the new version quality management system of ISO 9000.9001

Time: From 4 September, 2017 to 7 September, 2017

Place: Dalian TekMax Technology Co., Ltd

Host: Teacher Hewei from Shenzhen

Participant: All staffs of Dalian TekMax

Conference Theme: Trainings of quality management system

Conference note: Any organization needs the quality management system. It is called the quality management, when the management is related to the quality. Quality management is a management system focused on the quality control and organization management. The system usually contains the activities of quality policies, quality objectives and quality planning, quality control, quality support and quality improvement. The relevant management system must be established, which is called the quality management system, in order to achieve the objective of quality management, and to carry out various activities of quality management effectively.


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