Specially-invited: Professor Zhang liqun is The Technical General Adviser for Our Company

The 19th CPC National Congress was successfully held in autumn in October. China once again set sailing for a new starting point and a new journey. There is also a group of people waiting for the arrival of professor Zhang liqun, who is the master of the purification industry, in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian.

Zhang liqun was one of the founders of purification industry in domestic. He joined in the tenth design institute of the fourth design and research institute of the ministry of machinery industry (now China Electronics Engineering Design Institute) in 1965. Professor Zhang has been working on the first-line of design, scientific research, equipment development, engineering contracting and management for more than fifty years. He has a sound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. Many of his designs and scientific achievements have been obtained the excellent design and technology progress award among the national and electronic department and the provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces. In 1975, professor Zhang was responsible for the construction of the first large-scale ultra-clean laboratory in China and successfully designed and established the ISO1 high level clean room in 2014, such as Nanjing Tica, Suzhou institute of metrology and testing, Mianyang, Sichuan. He set up more than a dozen first domestic achievements, published more than 20 international and domestic professional papers and edited a dozen books on air purification. He is one of the main contributors to the national standardization, codes and guides, such as Code for Design of Clean Room (GB50073-2012), Code for Design of Electronic Industry Clean Room (GB50072-2008), Code of Construction And Quality Acceptance of Industrial Clean room, Cleanrooms & Associated Controlled Environment of Twenty National Standardization (GB/T25915-1~8), (GB/T25916-1~2), A Guide for the Application of Clean Room of Special Central-station Air Handling Unit (in planning), Fan Filter Unit Application Standardization and Energy Conservation of Clean Room. Additionally, he is the expert committee member consultant for Chinese Contamination Control Society, the member of the expert committee for the clean technology committee of China Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Industry Association, the expert committee member consultant for SAC TC319 National Technical Committee 319 on Cleanrooms & Associated Controlled Environments of Standardization Administration of China, the editorial board expert of the Contamination Control & Air-Conditioning Technology magazine, the postdoctoral workstation supervisor of China Electronics Engineering Design Institute, the technical director of Electronic Industry Special Production Environment Technology and Equipment Research and Testing Center.

Wang shunbo, the company technical director, is issuing the certificate of employment for professor Zhang.

We employed professor Zhang as the technical general adviser of our company at the invitation of Wang xiaoguang, the company general manager, in August this year. Professor Zhang will provide the technical guidance and job training in all aspects in his future work.

Professor Zhang was explaining the construction of clean room.

There was a lively discussion at the scene.

We wish the clean business of TexMax is flourishing under professor Zhang’s joining, starting a new journey!

A group people are doing one thing together.

We do well in cleanliness business. The business we do gives us the achievement.


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